Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking For The Positives

I tend to see an awful lot of negative in my life.

In my fund raising business I see teachers and coaches and sponsors that all they can talk about is how lazy their kids are.  And how my product is a great concept but their kids are too lazy to follow through with it.  And that--GET THIS--they would rather stay with what is comfortable for them and make less money than to change and raise twice the amount of money they can with what they currently do.

I just don't get this way of thinking.

In my home-based travel club business I tend to see and talk to a lot of people that are just plain unhappy with the way their lives are going.  How they hate their boss.  How they hate being around their co-workers.  How they would love to make more money because they just can't seem to pay all the bills every month.

But will they take a chance and invest in the one thing they have control over - themselves?  Nope.  Too scared.  It won't work.  They don't want to sell anything to their friends.  They don't want to get involved in a company that could provide them financial freedom.  Even if I show them the $20,000 plus that I have earned in the past three months.

I just don't get this way of thinking.

Why do people live their lives so negative?  Why is the glass always half empty instead of half full?

Not me.  Not anymore.  I am tired of fueling the negative train.

I am running on a different track now.  Are you a negative person?  Please stay on your side of the street.  I don't want to talk to you anymore.  I want to be connected with people that want to win.  Half my life I have tried to change people into thinking my way. 

It's not working.  And I am tired of worrying about you negative people.  I have enough on my plate.

So from now on, my prayer would be to be a positive influence on people.  And to keep the negativity out of my life. 

The road less traveled.  Hopefully I will meet you along the way.

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