Wednesday, January 13, 2010


2010. The final frontier.

These are the voyages of Scott Taylor. My figure out how to be a success in business. To figure out all of the pitfalls and the headaches of being self employed.

Some of the posts will be funny--as things just sometimes tend to be funny around me. Some will be serious and some will be me just venting about my day--whether it is good or crappy.

You as the reader get a front row seat at your computer. I hope you are able to avoid mistakes by learning from mine.

My businesses?? Well, there are a few to talk about and I will touch on them all.

***** From my main business as President and CEO of TSP Funding LLC--Where I have a fund raising product that I market to extra-curricular activity programs such as music programs and athletic teams.

***** To my home-based business of TVI Express Travel Club--Where I surprised even myself by earning $11,500 in my first 38 days.

***** To my part-time job as a baseball umpire--Where I deal with all sorts of different personalities and take those lessons and incorporate them into my business world.

Welcome to my personal roller coaster. Hope you enjoy the ride.

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  1. I will follow your posts and echo your sentiments to the tee. Time is money in everything we do. We all have lives and businesses of some kind outside of baseball. We need BALANCE, you are NOT going to make a living working a sport, any sport unless you make it to the professional ranks. You may now be 'making it' but what will you have to retire on. What future do we have? That should be a point of discussion. Future Financial Planning.